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Be unique by dressing in video gaming gear! At Gameress, you can find stylish video game inspired clothing for women and girls. Buy female geek clothing at Gameress – the best video game clothing store – and enjoy the new level of comfort and self-expression!

Video Gaming Gear at Gameress

At Gameress, we strive to let every female gamer enjoy their passion thanks to quality and unique video game clothing. That’s why our team designs and manufactures best gear for women that explores gaming and role-playing hobbies in different ways.

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What Gear Can I Find at Gameress?

In our store, you can find female geek clothing for gamers, wearing which makes you feel awesome. We offer you products with creative design and prints within the following categories:


This category includes best sweaters, tanks and dresses for female geeks. Our tops are made with quality materials and all our love to you, the gaming women.


Choose one of the varsity jackets for yourself and/or your gaming partner.


These hats, caps and beanies make being a female geek and gaming fan extra cool! Take your favorite Gameress headwear on and be the brightest version of yourself with the unique gear!

Scarves & Socks

Our collection of video game clothing also features cool scarves and socks with retro game prints. This original gear will be an attraction of every gameress’ wardrobe!

Swimwear & Bottoms

Be like a fish in water on the beach wearing Gameress swimwear. Our towel, bikini and flip-flop sets let you choose what kind of a gameress you are. We also offer you delicate and good- looking bottoms that will smash every geek who sees them.

Buy Video Game Clothing at Gameress

If you’re passionate about video and role-playing games, you’ll be happy to shop your next looks at our Gameress store. We invite you to enjoy only high-quality, creative and unique gear. Buy female geek clothing and get your package soon with worldwide delivery!

Enjoy your shopping! Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions!