Welcome to Gameress store! We unite girls & women and video games. At Gameress, we provide unique gear and accessories to female gaming lovers from all over the globe. We serve original and creative products to make female gaming exciting and flawless!

Uniting Women and Video Games

Founded by a young woman who loves to play video games (Gears of War is her favorite), Gameress was always about empowering women to play more eSports. We strive to help women overcome any barriers they face when playing video games. And we’re devoted to this cause. A percentage of Gameress sales goes to supporting female-hosted video game tournaments and other woman gamer initiatives.

Buy Gaming Gear at Gameress

The name “Gameress” was coined in an attempt to reflect the dual nature of a woman gamer – both fierce and royal. Our gear and accessories are made for girls and women who are both strong and feminine. Yet, most importantly, our products are made for all women passionate about video games and role-playing.

At Gameress store, you’ll find hundreds of merchandise featuring unique designs and prints for women gamers. Our female gaming merchandise includes clothing, headwear, home decor and more. We also offer you all sorts of gear and gifts for girls and teens passionate about gaming.

Treat your female gaming passion to awesome quality merchandise by Gameress! Contact us in case you have any questions!

Our Vision

Gameress’ vision is to diversify gaming by bringing more girls and women to the scene, comfortably, stylishly, and with a luxurious touch.

Our Mission

We want to revolutionize the way girls and women play video games by offering a wide range of unique gaming products designed with Her in mind.