Who is Atheni?

Who is Atheni and why is she everywhere on the site?

Atheni is a member and leader of the Gameress Squad. You will find that she is always accompanied by her faithful companion Ooni (more on her navi later).

Atheni is part of the warrior class and is therefore an expert in combat. For those of you RPG lovers, you'll understand that her skills are heavily focused on strength and her melee weapon of choice is a sword. Atheni is a great protector aided by her tanking abilities (she can survive while tanking for the squad but usually at the cost of agility). She is different than the rest of her team in that, on rare occasion, she can channel all of their special abilities.

To read more about her likes, dislikes, zodiac sign, and the meaning behind her gemstone, visit the Gameress Squad page.

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