Self-Care and Video Games: Games for relaxing

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Do you like to destress with a shooter or fighting game? Do you need to let the emotions go with bullets and blows, or do you need some yard work and calming music to take your mind off the day you had? Whether you scream at the screen or place objects down over and over, video games are a great way to soothe life’s headaches at the end of the day. For me, games like Animal Crossing New Horizons slows everything down and gives me a calm hour or two to level out. While League of Legends takes my mind off everything due to how much attention you need to give it, and I always play with friends, which is great for uplifting my mood!

Some may not have seen games in this way before, and now you want to identify the game that makes you happy, a coping game! That’s why fellow writer Annamoth and I started this Self-Care series. We here at Gameress understand the value games give us. From mental health to just plain fun, we benefit from games in numerous ways. So, keep reading, I’m going to bring you more games, and even non-gaming related activities to add to your self-care kit!

League of Legends Team Fight Tactics: PC, Mobile

team fight tactics

Team Fight Tactics or TFT is one of the few successful Auto Chess games that came out during the height of popularity for this genre. If you love card games and find that it eases your mind, then TFT would be a great game to pick up. The only thing I would caution is that it can be frustrating in the beginning, especially if you’re not familiar with League of Legend and its characters. If you can’t hop on TFT, you can get into real card games like Magic the Gathering; there’s even a card game for Game of Thrones!

The Sims Collection: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

the sims

Whether you are a fan of Sims 3 or 4, players love sims for how creative it lets you be! I will sit for hours creating a character with their own backstory to go with their overall vibe! I love the chance to be creative; it’s a great release. My favorite thing about The Sims is the community! There are so many creative Simmers out there, making amazing custom content for your sims to wear and use. If you love making sims wait until you shop for them! You can try retail therapy without harming your real wallet! If you can’t get your hands on a copy of the sims, drawing and arts and crafts is a great alternative.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Nintendo Switch

fire emblem

Before Animal Crossing New Horizon came to save the world during the most stressful year we’ve had, I was cuddling up with the newest Fire Emblem installment. It’s a nice RPG to get wrapped up in, and the Romance system is pretty cool. Strategy games like this are always relaxing because you get to go at your own pace (and not at teammates’ pace). Other activities like exploring the church and the academy or having lunch with your students all help progress your stats and give you a nice mental escape. Games like Fire Emblem are similar to chess, so why not take your imagination further and add some heroes while playing the classic you may have around the house!

Stardew Valley: PC, Mobile, Playstation 4

stardew valley

Stardew Valley is another stress-free game. This was a popular one amongst the Gameress community along with a similar game called Harvest Moon! Stardew Valley let’s you be your own farmer. Good your crops, mingle with the town folks, and explore! Time is what you make it as you go through the seasons, and the little chores you do around your land make you feel accomplished! This game is great to take your mind off everything and just escape into the simple life. If you can’t tend to virtual crops, how about grabbing a plant from a local grocery? I started taking care of my first plant baby, and it feels good to nurture something while learning to take care of myself too!

What game do you play to release stress!? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Gameress Affiliate Lea Lea

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