Mic or No Mic?

Voice Chatting

To voice chat or not to voice chat? A question that continues to give many gamers the feeling of anxiety. Communication is critical in team games. The development of voice chat, in-game chat, and ping systems have helped make communication with your teammates easier. However, voice chat, while the quickest and most frictionless way to communicate, is also the most stressful form of communication if you are a stranger to the community.

Gamers understand the usual gripes of voice chat, and every gamer recognizes the stereotypes both good and bad. You will hear the screamers and the heavy breathers who are just oblivious to the ear pain they cause until we’re begging them to stop. And let’s not forget about the toxic users who really should have their mics removed.

To top it all off, voice chat users can encounter verbal abuse for their race, equipment quality, speech impediments, gender and many others. It’s no wonder many people choose to remain silent even at the risk of hindering the team due to lack of verbal communication. Another group that also receives plenty of toxic comments and are often left out of the gaming discussions are trans men and women. They are unfortunately harassed for being themselves. I understand how that can discourage them from using their mics to the point where they may consider opting out of the gaming community.

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Dealing With In-Game Communication

It’s best to remember that when cyber bullying does occur to take a deep breath. Do not let the trolls crawl under your skin since that is exactly what they intend to achieve. And if you are feeling up to it remind them that you are there to play a game and that toxicity helps no one.

Unfortunately, muting or blocking the community is the best response to the toxicity. It’s not ideal but there is no point in arguing with people online knowing the keyboard shield they sit behind emboldens them. Most of the time, they have already made up their minds to cause harm without feeling any remorse.

You can become comfortable using mics while ignoring the negative behavior but it takes time. It’s better to play with friends first then pick and choose the games in which you use your mic. In some cases, winning means not having a choice but to use your mic. For instance, games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty and League of Legends benefit the most from voice chat usage. Your team wins more often if you’re talking to each other in real-time. These games are fast-paced and highly competitive. If you are looking into starting competitive play, choosing not to be in voice chat is almost non-negotiable. These types of games are also prone to having more toxic players due to the intensity of the matches and large player pool. If you want to slowly dive in to voice chat, consider trying VR Chat, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch.

It’s Your Choice and Yours Alone

If you want to use your mic more often do not become discouraged. You will get used to the verbal plays and navigating any social anxiety you may be feeling. Hang in there and test out all of the other in-game chat systems. For example, Apex Legends has an excellent ping system; you’re able to communicate enemy location and call for backup without distracting flares on your screen. If you do not use your mic but you want to keep the communications open, learn and become comfortable with the ping system for that specific game.
Whether you use a mic or choose not to use a mic, remember your reasons are valid and do not allow others to pressure you and in the same spirit do not pressure others.

Do you use your mic or do you prefer to stay on mute? Let us know in the comments!


Written By Gameress Affiliate Lea Lea

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