Gameress was founded by a young woman who loves to play video games (Gears of War is her favorite) and whose mission is to unite all girls and women through the love of gaming. She believes that girls and women are the future of gaming and together we can overcome the barriers some of us face when we play video games.

She coined the term Gameress as a way to show the duality of girls and women who play video games and role-playing games… Fierce and Royal.

Gameress is not just a brand but represents the strength and unmatched power of girls and women who play video games and beyond. It is a movement that promotes and sponsors video game events that will propel more women into eSports. With this effort, a percentage of our sales goes to supporting female-hosted video game tournaments and other organizations that support the cause.

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Gameress’ vision is to diversify gaming by bringing more girls and women to the scene, comfortably, stylishly, and with a luxurious touch.


We want to revolutionize the way girls and women play video games by offering a wide range of unique gaming products designed with Her in mind. We strongly believe that it is better to Game like a Gameress.