Play Super Bernie Game!

Play Super Bernie Game!
Who said video games and politics don’t mix!? The US political scene is heating up! And with it comes numerous campaigns urging Americans to go out and vote.  Well a developer took this one step further and created a Super Mario inspired game with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders! Best of all it is free! You can play it on your browser here or get it on steam here. Run and jump your way across 11 states and the District of Columbia as Bernie and free the USA from the clutches of four Republicans in their castle lairs. Find power ups like Vermont cheddar cheese, red roses, and the power of “Not Me. Us” to overcome obstacles such as walking red hats, Mitch troopas, and tiki torch throwers.

A political retro game rendered in classic NES style and colors, accompanied by nostalgic chip tunes. Play it for free!

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